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Lifestealing enchant

A rogue holding an Ardent Custodian and a Black Menace both enchanted with Lifestealing There are various weapon enchants available in the World of Warcraft game. The benefit of using some of them - such as +5 weapon damage, +15 strength and +15 agility - can easily be determined straight from the description of the enchant. However, some end-game enchants are vaguely described. For example, consider the description for the Lifestealing enchant:

Permanently enchant a melee weapon to often steal life from the enemy and give it to the wielder.

There's no information on how much life it steals, how much it heals and how often it happens. The aim of this document is to answer these questions and to show the combat logs if you would like to verify the conclusions presented here.


The auto attack test

Black Menace, a 1.50 speed dagger This test was done with a level 39 rogue holding a Black Menace dagger enchanted with lifestealing in the main hand fighting monsters in Duskwood. None of the rogue's special attacks were used during the fights. The auto-attack logs are available in Appendix A and the following are the observations:

Proc rates and instant strikes

A discussion that goes hand in hand with many weapon enchants is if it's possible to get them proc more frequently (increase the number of procs per unit of time) by using instant strikes. The second test was done to shed some light on this, by letting the same level 39 rogue with the same weapon as the previous test also use Sinister Strike and Slice and Dice. Sinister Strike is an instant strike and Slice and Dice improve the attack speed by 20% so the rogue will strike more frequently than with auto-attack alone. The logs from this test are available in Appendix B. The following observations can be made from the logs:

During the first test with auto-attack lifestealer proc on a 4.5 times per minute on average, while 8.1 times per minute when using Sinister Strike and Slice and Dice. Clearly the wielder can benefit from instant strikes and talents that increase the attack speed.

Lifestealer's chance on hit for the 1.50 speed dagger can be approximated to 11.8% by dividing the total number of procs (64 + 131) by the total number of hits (578 + 1063).

Lifestealing can also proc from other instant strikes, such as Gouge. See the combat log in Appendix D.

Chance on hit and weapon speed

Ardent Custodian, a 2.10 speed mace How often will Lifestealing proc from faster or slower weapons? The third test has the same precondition as the first test, that is, a level 39 rogue fighting with auto-attack only, but now holding an Ardent Custodian enchanted with lifestealing. The combat logs for test 3 is available in Appendix C.

Apparently slower weapons with Lifestealing are assigned a higher chance to proc on each hit. Indeed it makes sense that Blizzard makes this adjustment. If not, who would put lifestealing on a really slow weapon? Assuming that Lifestealer's chance on hit for any weapon speed is calculated by multiplying the weapons speed with a constant, and that the 11.8% chance on hit for the 1.5 speed dagger is accurate the following generalized formula can be deduced:

Chance on hit (%) = weapon speed * 7.87

For example, a 1.5 speed weapon would be assigned a 11.8% chance on hit. A 3.5 speed weapon is assigned a 27.5% chance on hit.


It should go without saying, but the inner workings of the World of Warcraft game are of course unknown to me. The formula presented above is a theory and not based on input from Blizzard. Another issue that require a remark is that the sample size of 1641 hits used to deduce the formula does not offer a very high level of confidence. See the formula as an approximation.


How much did you pay for the Lifestealing enchant? (reagents + enchanter's fee)

Free Questionnaire

The reagents for the Lifestealing enchant are 6 Large Brilliant Shards, 6 Essences of Undeath and 6 Living Essences. Their median sell prices are respectively 6, 4 and 10 gold, according to the data available at on the 26 of April 2006. So the expected price would probably be around 120 gold plus the enchanter's fee. I paid approximately 96 gold for the reagents and the enchanter charged 10 gold on the Dentarg realm.


joemuggs writes

3 thumbs

Very interesting, great job. Could you do a test with the crusader enchant and then compare the two enchants.

# 28 Apr 2006, 17:33

Roger Karlsson writes

25 thumbs

Here's a test with the Crusader enchant:

# 9 May 2006, 13:48

Martin writes

4 thumbs

have you tryed any duel wielding? how much the proc rate increas?

# 25 Aug 2006, 10:40

Noen writes

10 thumbs

Have you tested if the "seal of crusader" causes more ppm? Im thinking that "Chance on hit (%) = weapon speed * 7.87" might be using the weapon's static attackpower.

# 4 Sep 2006, 8:13

Noen writes

9 thumbs

Sorry for a slightly misspelling in last comment, I ofcourse mean attackspeed, not attackpower.

However, I got myself lifestealing on my Hand of edward the odd, and started beating up people in stockades.

Here is the result after 5 minute combat with seal of crusader:
235 hits
34 lifesteal procs
9 heroism card heals
8 maelstrom lightnings

And without the seal of crusader:
181 hits
26 lifesteal procs
9 heroism
3 lightning strikes

Using the Chance to hit(%) formula, I expected:
22,625 lifesteal procs without seal of crusader. (1.60 attackspeed)
20,915 lifesteal procs with seal of crusader. (1.14 attackspeed)

So it seems like seal of crusader boosts the proc rate :)

# 4 Sep 2006, 14:56

Soul writes

2 thumbs

Warlords blade (2.9AS) = 22.823%
Slice in dice (30%) (130%) = 29.6699
Min (60sec) / SnD Speed (2.03AS) = 60 / 2.03 = 29.5566
Hits per Minute with SnD = 29.5566
Proc per min for Warlords Blade 8.769 = 263 heal 263 dmg

Fast Dagger (1.5AS) = 11.805%
Slice in dice (30%) (130%) = 15.3465
Min (60sec) / SnD Speed (1.05AS) = 60 / 1.05 = 57.14
Hits per Minute with SnD = 57.14
Proc per min for Warlords Blade 8.769 = 263 heal 263 dmg


So there is no obvious difference in rate with SnD using the 7.87 x AS
Approx ratio. The interest that makes me wonder is Blade Flurry.
Blade Flurry = 15sec 20% faster again *does stack* and 2nd target is then

8.769 x 1.2 = 10.5228
10.5228 - 8.769 = 1.7538

Now we have what would happen if that was constant.

1.7538 x (15/60) 25% x (Cooldown 2min) 50% = 0.219 per min.

8.769 + 0.219 = 8.988225% = 269 heal 269 dmg
Multiple Mobs = 8.769 + 0.219 + 0.219 = 9.2% = 276 heal 276 dmg


So approx 15 extra dmg heal if multiple mobs and 6 if there is only
one mob around. Nothing special but with all your procs of trinkets
it does add up. Also this was the same as 1/5 extra per minute. So
if the value was 200 lightning then you get an extra 40dmg a minute.
One by itself yeah not so great but double it for dual add in trinket
heal and it looks not to shabby. In saying that though your giving away
dmg for healing which is another factor that Im not gonna even go into.

# 27 Dec 2006, 20:17

Garrett writes

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vanish writes

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vanish writes

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sry i leave a lil info out, just re-reading again, and... above, noen writes
"Here is the result after 5 minute combat with seal of crusader:
235 hits
34 lifesteal procs
9 heroism card heals
8 maelstrom lightnings

And without the seal of crusader:
181 hits
26 lifesteal procs
9 heroism
3 lightning strikes

lets try my way to calculate proc rate...
time = 5 minutes
proc = 34 times, and 26 times
to calculate the proc per minute divide the number of procs by the number of minutes, 34/5 = 6.8(pretty close to 6ppm)
and then 26/5 = 5.2 (also mighty close to 6ppm) and as stated b4 these procs are **RANDOM** you can't accurately experiment on such a small scale, what i say is true, i had my doubts at first, but it becomes more and more clear as i read...

# 20 Mar 2007, 1:25

vanish writes

0 thumbs

OK, im done after this, hopefully i will have successfully proved my point, using your trial
__857 seconds was spent fighting resulting in an average of '4.5 procs per minute'.
__972 seconds was spent fighting resulting in an average of '8.1 procs per minute'.
__Lets take the average procs per minute of both of your trials... 4.5+8.1=12.6/2= 6.3 hmm... again close to 6ppm on lifesteal... who would have guessed?

# 20 Mar 2007, 1:33

james writes

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Jeffrey writes

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Would this enchant be good on something like the Black Menace?


# 20 Jul 2009, 16:34

Djay writes

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could you test a different level to test the amount healed, 30 health healed per life steal would be stupid at lvl 85

# 24 Dec 2010, 23:08

stelan writes

2 thumbs

does lifesteal enchant scale from +shadow spell dmg?

# 11 Dec 2017, 4:52

Pvpboost writes

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That is good quesiton
Another think is :
Fiery weapon is scale with fire damage?

# 27 May 2019, 10:26

Eric Chang writes

6 thumbs

thank you for keeping this page up in 2019 we classic here enjoying this original vanilla information

# 30 Oct 2019, 10:36

Harambe writes

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I was alive when this thread was created..

# 16 Dec 2019, 10:26

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