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How to change Browzar's home and search page

Browzar is a free web browser based on the Internet Explorer rendering engine. On Browzar's web page the developers talk about the freedom you will achieve by using the browser:

But you are not free to change the homepage! Remarkable.

How to change Browzar's home page and search page using a hex editor

The following step-by-step guide will help you to change Browzar's home and search page to The instructions has been verified for Browzar Black Theme Beta release: Version:

  1. Download browzar here: The file should be named BrowzarBlackWin.exe.
  2. Download HHD Software's hex editor. It is freeware.
  3. Install the hex editor.
  4. Start hex editor
  5. Open BrowzarBlackWin.exe in the hex editor.
  6. In the hex editor, scroll down to location 00012390. See the screenshot below. Screenshot of BrowzarBlackWin.exe before editing
  7. Use the hex editor to modify BrowzarBlackWin.exe. The result should look exactly as in the screenshot below: Screenshot of BrowzarBlackWin.exe after editing
  8. Press CTRL-S to save the modified file
  9. Exit the hex editor
  10. Start Browzar. You're done


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